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Dfenderland specializes in sourcing, restoring, designing, and building bespoke utility vehicles. From period correct to modern conveniences, we are ready to craft the utility vehicle of your dreams with discerning attention to detail. 

Founder Mariano Garcia grew up among his family’s olive fields in Granada, Spain. The region is rich with automotive history and by necessity, he learned to repair the farm’s vehicles at an early age. Vintage vehicles always drew his eye, but nothing caught his attention quite like British off-road vehicles. That interest turned to obsession when he began working at a family-owned luxury car dealership, where he learned firsthand the intricacies of the auto industry.

After moving to the United States with his wife in 2012, he began designing custom furniture. It was a rewarding outlet for his artistic eye and attention to detail, but it seemed inevitable that his passion for four wheels would draw him back into the automotive world. With the heart of an artist and the hands of a craftsman, in 2014, he began restoring vintage military trucks and Land Rover Defenders.


This led to the founding of Dfenderland in 2017 with the singular focus on building classic 4x4s sourced from his homeland. The dry climate of Spain provides an exceptional selection of well-preserved donor vehicles, making the availability of Dfenderland’s quality vehicles some of the most sought-after. For us, this means Mariano and his team of expert technicians import, restore, and customize vehicles for enthusiasts who appreciate our vehicles from the spectrum of enjoying a distinctive daily driver to those who love overland adventures. For you, this means an exceptionally crafted vehicle that will retain its value for the life of its adventure with you.


Welcome to Dfenderland.

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